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This happens to your body when you drink alcohol

Which processes take place in the body, when everything turns in the bed, the legs tingling or even having memory lapses, read here

Above all, alcohol has an effect: it makes you drink too much, drunk. This experience most of us have probably already done. And there are some things that you can observe (and feel) that you associate with alcohol. Tingling legs, lunges, a falling inhibition threshold or even a blackout the next morning. But did you know what happens in the meantime in our body and what triggers these effects?

Alcohol effect number 1: The warm feeling

Enjoy a glass of wine or a drink in the evening. Often you can already feel a warm feeling in the body with a small amount. The stress drops and you feel lighter. But what happens in the body? The reason is happiness hormones, which releases alcohol in the brain. Above all, the endorphins affect the front of our brain, which is responsible for logical reasoning and making decisions. That’s also why sometimes, as soon as you drink something more, you make decisions that you question the next day.

Alcohol effect number 2: The inhibition threshold decreases and confidence increases

As soon as you have a few drinks, many people realize that they are suddenly much more communicative. It is easier to talk to strangers and the threshold is lowered. Studies have shown that from the third or fourth drink, the body stops producing glutamate, which is primarily responsible for motion control, sensory perception, and memory. “Less glutamate means less anxiety, and when people are very drunk, they are even less worried than when they are not drunk,” explains David Nutt, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College in London. That’s why, when you’re drunk, you often see things looser than usual.

Alcohol effect number 3: coordination problems

“Alcohol worsens the communication between the body and the brain and makes coordination difficult – not just those of the limbs, but also those of the muscles that are needed for a clear language,” explains nutritionist Gabriela Peacock. That’s why when you’re drunk you often have trouble articulating and moving properly.

Alcohol Effect # 4: Memory Loss and Blackouts

In addition to a decent hangover, it can come in the worst case, the next morning to memory lapses. Too much alcohol does not only affect the functioning of the body. He also confuses the mind. “Alcohol impairs our brain’s ability to store new memories,” explains Gabriela Peacock. That’s why we often can not remember things that happened in the intoxication.

Alcohol effect number 5: dizziness in bed

The party night is over, you’re at home in bed, you finally want to sleep and suddenly everything turns. Why is that? “Alcohol influences the function of the inner ear balancing system,” explains Gabriela Peacock. “Alcohol in the blood gives the system of balance in the brain that you are moving, even when you are lying quietly, this ‘misinformation’ causes dizziness, which in turn often causes nausea.”

Alcohol effect number 6: The wake-up call

Even if you were up late at night and could actually sleep in the next morning, you woke up too early. Not a nice hangover, but early waking has a simple reason: the liver. Alcohol lowers the blood sugar level, which among other things is responsible for the intact function of the liver. If the blood sugar level is too low, the body switches to an emergency function and sends the signal to the brain: “Wake up, I need sugar, please”. That is why after a party night you often have the need for something sweet. A small snack before going to bed can actually make the next morning a lot more bearable.

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