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The career wardrobe of Christine Lagarde

The designated President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde understands how no other in the top power circles, to stage their clothing style.

With a fashionable bang, she presented herself in 2011 as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF): At the press conference she wore a pink and white patterned scarf for the black blazer. Few women in a comparable position would have dared to do so. And even fewer men something comparable. Except perhaps Gaga entrepreneur Richard Branson, for the seriousness was never an option.

Black suit in regular fit, the cut emphasizes the figure, without being tight, trousers with side slit at the hem. Classic silk scarf and apricot brooch, also known as lapel flowers, are used to give the outfit the finishing touch. For busy business days, when you literally stand up all day long, block-heel shoes are invaluable.

Lagarde’s scarf statement was anything but a fashion faux pas. In the midst of a gray men’s landscape, it was a fashion statement, the visualization of their claim to set their own accents. In general, wipes are much more than just an accessory with Christine Lagarde. They run like a thread through her career wardrobe and are so consciously and purposefully used and arranged as any other part of her clothing.

Typical of this is the anecdote of a grueling crisis meeting, also during Lagarde’s time as IMF chief. At one point, Christine Lagarde seemed to lose her infamous composure for a tiny moment. Instead of exploding, she grabbed her neck and with a deft handgrip, untied the knot in her kerchief, which then fell loosely over one shoulder like long hair freed from a bun. An attentive BBC reporter recognized great symbolism in it: similar to a male boss who rolls up the shirt sleeves or loosens the tie. Announcement: Stop pissing, now is paddled. A very elegant, feminine way to hit the table and underline your own authority.

Unlike the designated EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who always looks like she is recruiting Leitz orders for her wardrobe, Christine Lagarde balances extremely smoothly between what is considered reputable in her environment and one own note, with which she announces that she not only embodies her job, but also a certain Christine Lagarde is, with its own head.

The Lagarde principle is as simple as it is effective, favored by her tall, slim silhouette, her casual-long short hair cut and her tanned anti-desktop complexion: Her wardrobe consists mainly of high-quality to luxurious, largely timeless individual pieces that can be perfectly combined , Very often she wears tailored suits, garnished with patterned silk scarves and / or pearl necklace and a Nobel handbag like the coveted Kelly Bag by Hermès, named after the style icon Grace Kelly.

Asked about the secret of her elegance, Lagarde named three places she dresses in: Chanel, Armand Ventilo (also Paris), and London-based fashion house Austin Reed, which has since been bought. Lagarde’s penchant for luxury decoration brought her both admiration for fashion-conscious media and plenty of criticism, especially because the IMF like to oblige indebted states to cut their social benefits.

After all, Christine Lagarde wears many of her garments over many years. Ex-and-hopp fashion is alien to her. With all the sense of elegance and sophisticated fashion statements, the economist thinks in terms of clothing quite convenient. Anyone who travels as much as Lagarde knows how to appreciate their suits and clothes, without having to iron them all the time.

The more reliant the Lady relies on proven. Lagarde’s sense of style makes her appear authentic at the same time. Although you know that she leaves nothing to chance, her appearance is always consistent. Others would shake their heads, they think you, wow, they just got it out.

Lagarde therefore to proclaim the style icon is exaggerated. Compared to former style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Jackie Onassis and Marilyn Monroe, she lacks the broad base of women who could identify with her business wardrobe. The little black is also affordable for Monika Mustermann, as well as Mary Quant mini skirts Twiggy started with.

Christine Lagarde’s style, on the other hand, goes too much in the direction of power dressing and is aimed primarily at women in top positions – with the appropriate budget. There are not many of them.

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