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Ten health tips for aging

How can we age healthy and happy? Franziska Rubin answers this question in her guidebook “My Best Health Tips for Getting Older”. The doctor and former “main thing healthy” presenter reveals ten factors for a long life.

“The generation 65 plus performs much better in terms of health in Germany than one would expect,” writes Rubin. “The young elderly are not only healthier, but also more dynamic, self-confident and active than before.” According to the author, the way to go there is not that difficult – if you change a few habits.

Even when you get older you can stay healthy. Regular exercise is the most important

The most important thing is movement

For the body to stay healthy, it needs exercise. It promotes flexibility, trains muscles and bones and “also massages the internal organs,” Rubin emphasizes. She advises to incorporate as much exercise as possible into everyday life. The easiest way to travel is to walk: “A 30-minute walk three times a week lowers the systolic blood pressure in the long term by 5 mm / Hg and in addition tumble a few pounds.”

Doing sports together is more fun

In addition to the everyday movement one should also be active in the group once or twice a week in the group, advises Rubin. This is not only fun, but also fight the inner bastard. Among other things, the doctor recommends hiking. Not only because there are tours for all ages. “Hillwalking is ideal for preventing osteoporosis, pressure and tension are exerted on the bones, stimulating the formation of new cells.”

Fresh, seasonal and regional food

There is a lot of discussion about the right diet, but what’s right? Those who prepare their food fresh, are already doing a good deal, writes Rubin. If you also cook seasonal and regional dishes, variety on the table and has a fresh harvest on the plate. Spices and herbs complete the taste. Meat is allowed twice a week, but according to the doctor it should be organic. Especially the Mediterranean diet is a good choice for the health.

Eat at fixed times

But food not only fills the stomach, but also the soul: “Important in all of this is not only what you eat, but also how you eat, because that is good for your well-being,” writes the author and sees the meals as important Clock of the day. She recommends to eat at fixed times and always put emphasis on lovingly prepared food. And: “Eating in company is just more fun.”

Drink enough

Rubin regularity is important not only when eating, but also when drinking. Water, coffee, tea, broth, fruit, soup and stew: If you take enough liquid, you are mentally alert and have better digestion. You do not need to drink gallons, according to the author. However, one must make sure that the organism does not dry out. Because of the high sugar content, she advises caution with juices and recommends fresh fruits as an alternative.

Sleep is the best source of relaxation

Often underestimated: “Sleep is the best source of rest – even in old age,” emphasizes Rubin. Regular and adequate sleep ensures good health and well-being. You should pay attention to fixed sleep times and ban all disturbing factors from the bedroom – even the TV. The author advises against synthetic sleeping pills and instead recommends, for example, reading until you are tired.

Strengthen the “inner doctor”

With the “inner doctor”, the author plays on the self-healing powers of the body. Those who support them will stay healthy for a long time, she is convinced. These include, inter alia, alternating foot baths, brush massages and sauna sessions. “Many doctors advocate the sauna visit for mild forms of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases,” she writes. In the case of existing diseases, however, one should first talk to the doctor.

Contentment is the happiness of old age

Not only the body, but also the psyche needs support in old age. “Do not try to evaluate everything that happens, and above all, do not think negatively,” advises the doctor. “You can just let some things happen, and that will take a lot of work.” Nagging unnecessarily robs energy. Contentment is the happiness of old age, the author is convinced.

Do not fret about deficits

But thinking positive is not always easy. Especially when physical problems make life difficult. Again, according to Rubin, you can achieve a lot with the inner attitude. “Embrace your healthy proportions and accept those who are no longer healthy, do not fret about deficits, but rather pay attention to how you can keep what you can for as long as possible,” she said.

Keep up-to-date with the spirit

Not only does the body need new incentives to stay in exercise, but also the brain. “The brain is like a muscle, it needs food, it wants to be trained,” writes Rubin. It is less about “brain jogging” than staying up to date, being interested in others, and surrounding oneself with mental, sensual, emotional impressions and suggestions. Hobbies and friendships play an important role here.

And there’s something else the author cares about: early detection and check-ups. “The sooner you recognize illness, the better you can medically intervene, whether it’s medically or through a lifestyle change or, best of all, both.”

A guide with a good all-round view

The guide gives a good all-round view of aging and manages to come up with a large dose of optimism despite serious issues. Age and joie de vivre are not opposites, is the motto. In addition to the ten tips for a healthy and happy life, the reader will find in the guide an overview of the most common geriatric diseases and their prevention and treatment options.

Small fitness exercises and home remedies for common everyday complaints complete the guide.

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