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Taylor Swift Interview 2019

Hello! In this blog you can read all Taylor Swift interview answer & questions, I hope you guys enjoy it

Taylor Swift Interview

Taylor Swift has left the evil blood behind and now focuses on herself – in “ME!” But with Brendon Urie, front man of Panic! At The Disco – we talked to Taylor.

Taylor Swift interview answer & questions, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Reporter: Hello Taylor!

Taylor: Hi! Who gets it?

Reporter: Our goodness. We play “ME!” Regularly at live, and feel it turns a rainy day into a sunny one.

Taylor: Thanks! I am proud of the song and the beauty, what we can say about it, is that it helps someone to do it, to loose bad moods, to appreciate themselves more or just to be happy.

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🧡 au revoir 🧡

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Reporter: Why Brendon Urie by Panic! At The Disco? Why was he the perfect partner for a common song?

Taylor: Because he’s a great performer. And everything, there was tut, power with a lot of enthusiasm. Besides, he has always been great to his fans, has a lot of experience and is always in the start when it comes to new challenges. And he had the pleasure of trying out new ones.

I’ve been a big fan of mine ever since. When I finished writing the song for half, I contacted Brendon and asked if he could join the other half with writing and whether we wanted to record the duet part of the song together.

Reporter: Your dispute in French at the beginning of the video: Did you do it the first time or did you have to repeat the scene forever, because you had to laugh all the time?

Taylor: (laughs) We actually needed a few tries because we had to laugh so much. It’s fun to argue in a movie scene anyway, no matter what language you speak. But trying to get the French pronunciation right is really funny.

We have just posted a video on Youtube, which gives a look behind the scenes of the scene. Here you can see how many times we promised each other and had to laugh. If you want to look at it, you’ll realize that we definitely did not get it perfect the first time.

Reporter: The content of “ME!”: What personal experience has brought you to the realization that the most important thing in life is to love oneself?

Taylor: I think self-love and self-esteem are not self-evident. You should not be under pressure to feel good all the time. Nobody is always self-confident. But I think if you have a song that makes you feel good and reminds you that you are unique, then that helps you to overcome your insecurity.

I definitely have to fight with self-doubt. Maybe that’s why I wrote this song. I wanted to have a song that I can perform live, and that hopefully pulls me out of those negative feelings.

Reporter: It’s definitely hard to say: “Hey, here I am and I love myself the way I am” – without sounding too self-loving.

Taylor: Yes, definitely! I think that today through social media we see so many people we can compare with. And it always happens that we feel that we are not as good or as cool or as good-looking as someone else. We really need to be aware that everyone is going through this and that these comparisons are hurting ourselves. The song has the message that no one else in the world is like you. I try to do something that makes people feel better.

Reporter: If I open Instagram and think, “He’s doing a better job than me, he’s in a wonderful holiday right now and I’m sitting here at work …”, then I feel bad about all the comparisons. But you are a world famous pop star. I find it hard to imagine that you feel bad when you scroll through Instagram.

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✌️Friday calmness✌️

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Taylor: Oh yes! I’m always like this. Sometimes I just have to take a social media break because I feel like everyone else is so much cooler than me. That’s something we all go through.

There are so many people on social networks, so many beautiful, wonderful girls that I look at and think “Oh my God, their life is perfect!” And when I get to know them, I realize that they, too, are experiencing this insecurity.

They go online and feel so bad. I think it helps to know that other people feel the same way. That connects us, we all have it in common. And we all want to escape these feelings, if only for the duration of a song where we say, “I’m special, I’m different.” Even if we do not really believe it, I think it’s good if we tell ourselves that.

Reporter: With everything you are currently publishing, there is evidence of a new album. Can we also find references to the title of the record in the video for “ME!”?

Taylor: There are definitely some hints in the video that can tell you the title of the album. I will not confirm the title at the moment because I do not want to flood the fans with info.

First of all, they should enjoy the song and the video, and soon they will get all information about the album. But there are so many “Easter Eggs” in the video! The title of the second single can also be found in the music video. I enjoy this hide and seek game!


Reporter: Are there any fans who have already found out?

Taylor: You’ve already found out a lot, but not everything. There are hints whose full meaning you can only understand once the album has been released. Many of them are textual references to lyrics in another song that the fans have not heard before. It’s really fun and somehow exciting to make hints. I’m really lucky that the fans are interested enough to look for the clues.

Reporter: In what kind of situation should we listen to your new album when it’s out?

Taylor: I try to make albums that have different facets, different songs for different occasions. I want to have a song that is perfect to fall in love. A song perfect for a road trip with an open window

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