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Many jeans are hazardous to health

Cheap or expensive? Normal or organic cotton? Which jeans is good? Öko-Test tested 21 different women’s jeans for harmful substances and durability. 15 of the trousers all contained the suspected aniline dye.

No matter if casual or chic, jeans are always on the go. Accordingly many brands and cuts are on the market. Öko-Test has taken on all-purpose pants and taken 21 ladies’ jeans under the microscope. Amongst others, trousers of Kik, Primark, C & A, H & M, Zara, Lee, Levi’s and Diesel were tested at prices between 10 and 150 Euros.

For many manufacturers, the testers also criticized the production conditions.

The tester also asked the companies 22 questions about the production conditions. Manufacturers should disclose, among other things, where to make the jeans, what they do to ensure fair wages and worker safety, and what environmental standards are taken into account in production. Five companies gave no information, among them were the big jeans brands Diesel, Lee, Mustang and Wrangler. Only two manufacturers offered according to verdict of eco-test transparency and good production conditions.

In the combination of the notes for pollutants and trousers and the lack of transparency and credible efforts to improve the production conditions no trousers received a better grade than “satisfactory”. For five jeans it hailed “poor”, four were rated “insufficient”.

No clear test winner

The question about the test winner is not so easy to answer. Two of the “satisfying” jeans – by Armedangels and Hess Natur – were rated “very good” in the credibility and transparency categories, material properties and other shortcomings, but “poor” in the ingredients. They were among the 15 pants that contained the potentially toxic and carcinogenic indigo color ingredient aniline.

Only “very good” in the ingredients category were Esprit and Kuyichi jeans, which were only “satisfactorily” transparent.

Grade 6 for insufficient information

Since the information on the conditions of production had a high priority during the investigation, the jeans of the companies that did not want to give any details are in the rear. The pants of Kings of Indigo and Lee, for example, got in this category an “insufficient” that they could not make up for with good to very good results.

The jeans from Diesel not only failed in terms of credibility and transparency, but because of the aniline contained also in the ingredients the grade “poor”.

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