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Kim Kardashian kicks in a kimono dispute

The public pressure has worked: After massive criticism of the brand name “Kimono” for her shapewear collection, Kim Kardashian has decided to consider a new one.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s idea to call her figure-shaping underwear line “Kimono” was obviously not her best. Her own first name hid in it, okay. But many Japanese felt the brand name offensive, because it is a traditional Japanese garment with a centuries-old history and great cultural significance. And that has rather little to do with underwear.


The mayor of the ancient Japanese imperial city of Kyoto spoke up and asked the entrepreneur “to reconsider the decision”. On Twitter, #KimOhNo critics vented their displeasure on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Now Kardashian has bowed to pressure and decided to change his name. In all her years as an entrepreneur, she has always been in direct contact with her fans and the public, writes the reality TV star on Instagram.

“I always listen, learn and grow,” she assures. The name for her shapewear collection was chosen “with the best intentions”. After “careful consideration” she has now decided to release the collection under a different name.

Which that will be revealed, the 38-year-old yet not yet. “I’ll be back soon,” Kardashian writes. “Thank you for your understanding and your support.”
Already last year, shortly after the gossip portal “TMZ” published the entry in the trademark register, there had been a dispute among social media users as to whether this was a form of cultural appropriation or not.

The allegation: Kim Kardashian has – apart from a vacation trip in March 2018 – no connections to Japan and its culture show. Therefore, the name choice is disrespectful.

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