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Fashion-Vorbild? Riccardo Simonetti bewundert Thomas Gottschalk

“I use fashion to express my inner self,” Riccardo Simonetti himself describes his fashion style. His fashion role models include Thomas Gottschalk.

Under the motto “Exclusive for Everyone”, About You opened its doors for end consumers for the first time on Friday within the framework of Berlin Fashion Week with its own fashion event concept. Staged at the opening show by star choreographer Marvin Smith, not only were contemporary styles presented by hip brands; Stars like Bonnie Strange (32) and Riccardo Simonetti (26) exclusively put together their personal looks for the show. “I use fashion to express my inner self,” Simonetti himself describes his fashion style. The entertainer always causes a stir with his unusual looks. For this he had to put up with “a lot of mockery and mockery” in the past. He admires people who have taken risks with their outfits.

Will mit seiner Auswahl ein Statement für die LGBT-Community setzen: Entertainer Riccardo Simonetti

Together with colleagues like Bonnie Strange, you have put together your personal looks for the opening of About You Fashion Week. What distinguishes your looks?

Riccardo Simonetti: I think fashion is a voice that speaks for you before you can even open your mouth. Especially at a time when fashion is perceived as superficial and everyone looks the same, I wanted to make a statement for the LGBT community and celebrate diversity with my selection.

What role does fashion play in your life?

Simonetti: Fashion was my outlet to escape my small town life. A boy who has a penchant for sequins is still such a provocation in society – and especially in the countryside. And then I realized that fashion can not be superficial when it’s done to people.

How would you describe your fashion style yourself?

Simonetti: I use fashion to carry my heart out – it has always been that way. I remember exactly when teens tried on fancy things. The feeling of wearing something that not only attracts me but also dresses my soul has always been priceless. Still, I had to put up with a lot of mockery and ridicule, and it was quite difficult to get there.

Would you call yourself a trendsetter?

Simonetti: Although I always know what is being traded as a “trend”, I’m not that interested in it. Most trends are so fast-paced, because today everyone looks the same through Instagram & Co. – that does not really fit my aesthetics. There is a big difference between trend and style – I prefer the latter. I always buy the same kind of clothes and it probably will always be that way.

Do you have a fashion role model?

Simonetti: I like people who took risks with their outfits – I really admire Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Axel Rose and also Thomas Gottschalk.

What is your absolute must-have in the summer?

Simonetti: Wet look on your hair – you do not see it when you’re sweating (laughs). Sneaker with white tennis socks and tiny pockets as an accessory.

Which trends are in fashion this year?

Simonetti: Neon green accents and extraordinary silhouettes.

Which trend can you no longer see?

Simonetti: This balenciaga and vetement aesthetic copied from all the big chains is, in my opinion, over. Even monochrome black looks I find not so exciting. Playing it safe has not turned anyone into a fashion icon.

What are the biggest fashion no-gos for you in summer?

Simonetti: Men’s checked pants and striped tops. I’m not a fan of no-gos, because I think that you can wear everything with the right attitude, but personally I do not think that’s so nice and unfortunately you see it so often – and quite often things go wrong.

What was your own biggest fashion faux pas?

Simonetti: I think other people would criticize me a lot, but I believe that every look had its moment and served its purpose – which does not mean that I would wear it the same way today. But I always had my fun and this is more important to me in the end than always to look great and to please everyone.

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