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Fashion trend: With these clothes you are perfectly dressed in the worst heat

We are just about to melt! It’s so warm, you could probably roast fried eggs on the asphalt in front of the InStyle editorial. The heat wave has Germany fully under control.
Do not get us wrong, we are of course very happy that the summer is finally here. But with extreme heat some problems come to us too. First and foremost, of course, are the effects of the climate on the health of many people, nature and the economy.

Happy Go Lucky: We show the most beautiful summer dresses that go in the heat and are absolute fashion trends

But there is another problem? What on earth’s sake (or better, weather-wise) should you wear in the heatwave?

Do not despair, ask InStyle. We have selected the most beautiful clothing trends for you that are perfect for hot temperatures.

Fashion trend in the heat: these summer dresses are perfect

When the thermometer climbs above the magical 30-degree mark, one thing is important when it comes to styling: it should be as airy as possible. But that does not mean that you should be wearing too little cloth. After all, we still want to be dressed and stylish in the heat of the day. Sexy mini-skirts or shorts in combination with a crop-free crop top are only allowed on the beach or on the lake.

Instead, we wear summer dresses that are as loose and wide cut on the legs and arms. So even the smallest breeze can bring a minimum cooling even at over 30 degrees. Those who prefer a more physical look can wear slip dresses with thin straps or wrap dresses tied at the waist.

For the office, we recommend you in the heat shirt blouse dresses in simple colors and subtle patterns. The show hardly any skin, but are still nice and airy.

And: Pay attention when buying clothes on the material. Because some synthetic substances start to smell unpleasant in combination with sweat. Better: cotton or cool leash.

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