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A pair of sneakers? 437,500 dollars please

They are unworn but look anything but fresh: in New York, a pair of historic Nike sneakers have gone over the auction for more than $ 400,000 – a new record.

Nike “Moon Shoe”: Rare sneaker with moon price

So far, a pair of Converse, once worn by basketball star Michael Jordan, was considered the most expensive sneakers in the world. But their record of US $ 190,373 was not only broken, but pulverized in an auction by Sotheby’s in New York.

The collector Miles Nadal paid $ 437,500 for a pair of Nike “Moon Shoes”. The starting bid had been at $ 80,000, the highest price was about 160,000 US dollars had been targeted.

The shoes with the legendary waffle pattern on the sole had been designed by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman in 1972. Only twelve couples are said to have ever been made, for sale were the only supposedly unworn copies. Not that one would look at them, 47 years have left their mark.

Top supplier Nadal obviously did not mind that, he wants to show his shoes in a museum in Toronto, Canada. There they should be in good company: In another auction Nadal had bought in the past week already 99 more pairs of rare sneakers. Package price: 850,000 US dollars.

Sole from the kitchen, seams from the fishing tackle

The “Moon Shoes” got their nickname because their imprints are supposed to resemble those once left by US astronauts on the lunar surface. The shoes are made of nylon and are held together by fishing line. When designing the sole developer Boweman is said to have experimented with the domestic waffle iron.

Rare sneakers are increasingly becoming speculative objects. Above all, historically relevant copies regularly achieve maximum prices. It is therefore hardly surprising that even a traditional house like Sotheby’s follows the trend and instead of exquisite works of art or automobiles invites awkward, yellowed footsteps to the auction.

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