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10 Best fashion tips for chubby face

You do not need a radical diet to look stunning. Everything you need is the right look. Here are the 10 Best fashion tips for chubby face and fashion that makes you slim!

10 Best fashion tips for chubby face

Tips for chubby face and fashion that makes you slim!

Being chubby does not mean you have to hide your figure under baggy clothes. On the contrary! If you follow a 10 fashion tips for chubby women, you can wear beautiful and exciting looks that showcase your own figure and curves.

Wide trousers, bootcut jeans or midi skirt, boyfriend or short blaser, décolleté-emphasized or shapewear … What are the Dos and Don’ts for especially female curves? Which colors, shapes and combinations are beneficial – or rather not? We’ll tell you which fashion pieces are ideal for the chubby and what you should avoid.


The coolest plus-size looks for re-styling: That’s how you put your curves into action!

Fashion-bloggers Tanesha Awasthi from girl with curves.com and Gabi Gregg from gabifresh.com prove how stylishly curvy women can look.

With their beautiful outfits, the fashion-inspired women show the rest of the world: sense of style knows no size! Here are the most beautiful plus-size looks for re-styling!

10 Best Fashion tips for chubby face women: These are the DOs

Most important fashion tip for chubby women first: If you feel comfortable, you are allowed to wear everything! Nobody has to tell you what to do and to do in terms of fashion.

For those who are still unsure about fashion, here are the most important tips, which makes lean:

1. First Wide pants make you slim

These include, for example, the comfortable boyfriend jeans, straight-leg pants or high-waisted Marlene pants. The loose fit makes the legs slimmer and the figure is gently played around.

In addition, wide trousers are great this season! For tight pants like skinny jeans or leggings, it’s better to wear dark colors than bright ones.

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2. A flowing midi skirt is a must-have in the wardrobe

A-style midi skirts are the best way to hide the problem area of the hips, buttocks and thighs. A perfect hourglass figure you get when you put the top in the skirt hem and the skirt on the waist.
10 Best fashion tips for chubby face

Tip: You can achieve a particularly great slimming effect with pleated skirts.

3. The cleavage is your trump card

A V-blouse is a must in the wardrobe. The neckline sets on the one hand your cleavage in scene and makes it super slim. Wrap-around blouses and dresses are also great because the diagonal fabric guide makes the waist look slimmer.

Tip: Just leave two buttons open on a regular blouse. That’s how you get the v-blouse effect.

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4. High heels make long legs

Sure, ballerinas are comfortable. However, they are not a good choice if you have rather short legs and strong calves. If you want to cheat his legs slimmer and longer, you better go to shoes with a heel. A comfortable block heel is enough.

Professional tip: Real Slim-Mach-Miracles are great pumps in nude. The conjure in combination with a midi skirt extra long legs.

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5. Cheat with shapewear like the stars

Hardly a celebrity lady on the red carpet does not do it. We’re talking about shapewear wearing. The figure-shaping underwear does wonders, makes you slim in seconds and conjures an hourglass figure.

A cheap alternative to shapewear: Buy a high-denier tights, cut them off at the thighs and pull them as high as possible. This cheat shapewear works almost as well.
10 Best fashion tips for chubby face

6. Serve in his (!) Wardrobe

In the closet of the beloved dwarf many treasures, the chubby women are wonderful. These include, for example, casual men’s shirts or shirts that can be wonderfully worn to cool jeans. Combined with feminine high heels, this results in a trendy leisure look.

Attention, fashion trap: That should avoid chubby women

1. No bootcut jeans with flat shoes

The combination bootcut jeans and ballerinas make even the tallest and slenderest women look smaller and stronger. So better go away! If you love bootcut jeans, you should wear high heels. More comfortable than high heels are wedge sandals or pumps with block heel.
10 Best fashion tips for chubby face

2. Do not buy clothes too tight

You have fallen in love with a part, but the garment is no longer in your size? Then do not buy it too small!

Because the clothes are too tight and tense, cheating that optically a few kilos on it. Also not optimal: very tight hipsters with a high stretch content. Much better are some more jeans made of a firmer fabric and with a higher waistband, which conceal your stomach and thighs.

3. Short Blazer: no – boyfriend blazer and wide jackets: yes

Boyfriend blazers (straight-cut, slightly longer blazers without sidecut) are much more comfortable for chubby women than short jackets, as they stretch and slim the body.
10 Best fashion tips for chubby face

Cool to the boyfriend blazer is a plain white shirt and a high-waisted jeans. A big statement necklace is the icing on the cake of the look.

4. Better not: large lapel, pockets and valances at chest level

Who is chubby, usually has a big bust size. You should put these in scene, but not too strong. Ruffles, flounces and large lapel can be applied and make the breasts even bigger.

Flattering are simple tops like blouses or tunics – like with a slight V-neck – that stretches the body.

Exception: You have a typical pear figure with a thin upper body and wide hips. Then tops with flounces and wide neckline are great!

No longer a fashion no-go for the chubby: That’s how flatter the figure’s figure!

In the past, horizontal stripes were the absolute no-go for chubby women. That has changed (luckily!). Because horizontal stripes and other eye-catching patterns are a great way to highlight body parts you are particularly proud of.
10 Best fashion tips for chubby face

Wear a stripe top to a simple midi skirt if you want to put your torso in the limelight.

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