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Meike Schlecker is serving a prison sentence

Also the daughter of the former drugstore entrepreneur Anton Schlecker, Meike Schlecker, has begun her prison sentence. She has been detained since the beginning of the week, said a spokesman for the prosecutor Stuttgart on Friday. Where she served the sentence was not communicated.

Meike Schlecker

Meike Schlecker case details

Meike Schlecker, like her brother Lars, was sentenced to two years and seven months in prison. Lars Schlecker had started his punishment about a month ago.


The two children of Anton Schlecker are charged with infidelity, bankruptcy and bankruptcy of her father. Schlecker, once the largest drugstore chain in Europe, had filed for bankruptcy in January 2012. A rescue failed, thousands of employees lost their jobs.

Lars and Meike Schlecker had filed against judgments of the district court of Stuttgart revision. The Federal Court had rejected this end of April, but reduced the prison sentences. Anton Schlecker himself had been sentenced to probation.

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